Finding that magic wand was the worst thing that ever happened to her.


Magic can end up in the hands of anyone if they know where to look. Magical items litter the streets if you know where to look, and will work for anyone who happens upon them. While the Syndicate tries to keep them from falling into the wrong hands - or any hands at all - even they don`t know how many remain outside of the Evidence Locker at the back of the office.

Evidence looks at the stories of some of the magical artifacts that the Syndicate has yet to track down. Wands and pendants often find their way into the possession of people who don't fully understand their potential or the consequences of using them.



Andy’s mom was great because she let them do everything when they came over. Jasmine and her sister, Lucy, loved it when her parents left them there because she never told them they had to come in until their mom came back. The rest of the time, they were free to go wherever they wanted and do what they felt like, even if it meant getting really messy or running off down the street and down to the store without her. She didn’t even object to them playing outside when it was starting to rain like it was today.

Andy was okay too. For a boy.

He lived in a small house with a huge yard that was partially overgrown at the back with trees from the park. They were great for climbing and for hiding in when it was time for hide and seek.

They were also excellent for pretending to be a sorceress ruling over the land as Andy and her sister pretended to be a knight and a princess. She wasn’t sure how she became the evil one, but so long as she was the one who was going to win in the end, she didn’t care.

“You won’t get away with this!” Andy said, waving a long stick in her direction.

“Yeah!” Lucy called from behind him. She brought a sparkly wand from her toys and made sounds with her mouth as she waved it through the air. It was silly, but she was only four. Jasmine knew she couldn’t expect much more from her.

“I can do whatever I want and you can’t stop me!” she called back down to them, laughing with her head pointed at the sky and letting the first few drops of rain fall down on her face. She reached into the branches and pulled out one of the sticks. It came loose easily and felt a lot smoother than the other ones. “And with this, you’ll never win!”

Jasmine jabbed the stick toward the sky and thunder crackled through the clouds.

They all looked up at the sky, wide eyed and fearful. “Did you do that?” Andy asked.

“Of course I did!” Jasmine snapped at him. Her heart was still racing, but she wasn’t about to let him know that she was scared. “Because I’m the most powerful wizard ever and you cannot defeat me ever!”

“No, you’ll lose because you’re evil!” Lucy chimed in. “You stole Bunny!”

“I don’t want your stupid doll,” Jasmine told her. “You just lost her.”

“Did not! You stole her!”

Jasmine rolled her eyes. “Maybe I will take her and then I’ll make it so you’ll never see her again!”

“You can’t just shake it!” Andy said. “You gotta use words to make it work!”

“Rabbity!” she said, pointing the wand down at Andy. She felt a tingle run up her arm to the back of her neck as she said the word. Even her eyes felt funny when she said it, but there was a strange rush of power that came from it that made her waver from her perch in the tree. In that moment, she felt like she could do anything.

Lucy’s scream filled the air as Andy dropped his stick and doubled over, rapidly shrinking before their eyes. It took only a moment before Andy was gone, clothes and all, and replaced with a very small black rabbit poking his head up through the overgrown grass.

Lucy started to run back to the house, still screaming at the top of her lungs. Jasmine knew she was going to tell Andy’s mom and she couldn’t let that happen. She would get in so much trouble for turning Andy into a bunny, even if it was an accident.

She jumped down and grabbed her sister by the arm and yanked her backwards before wrapping her arms around her waist. Lucy kept kicking and screaming, but Jasmine wouldn’t let her go.

“Let me go!” Lucy screamed. “You’re gonna do something bad! You’re bad! You’re gonna be in trouble!”

“If you tell on me, I’m gonna turn you into a frog!” Jasmine yelled back at her. “If you tell I’m gonna turn you into a frog and I’m not gonna turn him back!”

“If you turn me into a frog, I’m telling mom!”

“Frogs can’t talk!”

“Yes they can!”

“Stop hitting me!”

The tingle creeped up Jasmine’s arm again and Lucy went still. The pull at the back of her head was almost comforting this time and she felt like she could do anything. She turned her sister back around and put her down in front of Andy the bunny rabbit. Lucy couldn’t tell anyone. Jasmine didn’t know why, but she knew she couldn’t let anyone know. This was going to somehow get her in trouble.

When Lucy turned, Jasmine had her hands on her hips and a frown on her face. “It’s not like I’m making him stay a bunny!” Jasmine said. “It’s just a game! We’re playing! It’s not real.”

“It looks real,” Lucy said. “Put him back.”

“Fine,” Jasmine said. The stick was still in her hand and she looked it for the first time, realizing that it was a very strange thing. It looked like several ropes made of wood were wrapped around one another, with buds of shining blue rocks growing out of it. There were green parts at the bottom of it where it was starting to grow down over her fingers where she held it.

“Jas, change him back!”

“I am, I am!” she snapped at her. She waved the wand in the direction of the small black rabbit and said, “Persony!”

Andy the black bunny hadn’t moved from his spot on the damp grass, shivering in the light rain. At the sight of Jasmine coming at him with her stick again, he bolted across the lawn and tried to get back to the house. He didn’t make it far, darting around Lucy’s legs and past Jasmine, before he started to grow. He tripped over his own feet as he turned back, his human face hitting the grass.

“There, I changed him back,” Jasmine said. “You can’t tell on me for nothing now.”