The skies hold secrets, but those still out there are not nearly as dangerous as the ones who have already made their way through


They don’t fall from the sky, travelling from far beyond the stars to explore and conquer. The skies hold secrets, but those still out there are not nearly as dangerous as the ones who have already made their way through.

Visitors focuses on the stories of those who slip through the cracks in reality, creatures from other universes do their best to blend in to avoid the Others, a special group designated to quash any attempts for them to hide among the humans. Some manage to slip their grasp, but those still have to contend with the Syndicate if they want their plans to succeed.


First Contact

Thea was not cut out for the outdoors and she knew it. There was a reason that she was inheriting a secret library when she came of age instead of some important heroic legacy. She was not physically strong and the strongest magic she had was best utilized against paper. She spent most of her thirteen years in the library and it showed in both her pale complexion and lack of muscle. She could sprint only short distances without getting winded and relied on her glasses to allow her to see more than a few feet in front of her clearly.

On the other hand, she was much smarter than she would ever be given credit for if she was careful about it. She knew how to make people underestimate her until it was far too late. She came from a very long line of smart people who taught her that her best weapon was knowledge and making sure not too many people knew you had it. And the best place to store knowledge was in a secret library that was as large as a city.

It was wandering among this library a few years ago that she discovered the note, tucked away in one of the books like a bookmark. The note was addressed to her, her name written on the top along with a date so far in the future that she wondered if she would ever see it.

October 23, 1991. It was finally here and she was going to see if this letter meant anything at all.

Nervously, she made her way alone into Stanley Park. It was early in the morning, the sun only starting to peer out from behind the treetops, but she had more than enough light from the twilight to see where she was going. The day was clear for now, but the dirty taste in the air told her that she would probably want to get inside before the rain started.

She hoped she would be back before her parents realized she was gone. She wasn’t sneaking out to meet up with some boy for the night, but she wasn’t sure how she would explain leaving to obey the words of a letter she found in the library years ago. They were understanding when it came to the weird stuff, but they weren’t that understanding.

She stayed on the main trail, gaining strange looks from the early morning joggers that ran past her. Why anyone would be up before the day even started to do physical activity was beyond her, but they made her feel like the strange one. Maybe it was the fact that the pale eighth grader looked winded in the middle of the park and there was no sign of her parents anywhere. Thea looked back down at the note left for her to avoid their eyes.



On October 23, 1991, Take the main path. Keep walking until you see the joggers turn back. Stop and ensure that they let the alien remain free. Ask for Allerdale. You will find out what happened to Amundeep.



It was the last line that piqued her curiosity the most. Amundeep was a girl in her class last year. She had trouble paying attention, often not listening when you were talking directly to her, who had vanished with barely a trace one day.

Thea still had traces of her, though. While no one would acknowledge her existence, she was still in photographs and her name appeared on attendance, though the Veil did its work to make everyone else look the other way. She went along with what the Veil wanted, pretending she had never existed. Still, Thea would catch her name written on something or a glimpse of her in a photograph and wonder what really happened.

Thea knew that there were people who could see the future that had ventured into their library in the past. They communicated in notes and they would leave them behind for just the right person to find at just the right time. It couldn't have been a coincidence that she was the one to find it, especially since she had yet to encounter another Thea inside or outside of the books that it could possibly be meant for. The problem was what it lead her to.

She wasn’t supposed to go with strangers, but no one ever told her what to do if she found a letter telling her what to do. She probably shouldn’t listen, but it promised she would help an alien. She had to see.

When she looked up again, she spotted a jogger jogging in place, a confused look on her face. She took one step forward and turned immediately back around, her pony tail swishing behind her and her feet crunching the fallen leaves off into the distance.

Thea stopped, moving off the path and taking a good look around. If something magic was about to happen, she knew that she should be out of the way, just in case. She and her family weren’t supposed to get in the middle of conflicts, she knew. She was just supposed to watch them and maybe take notes if it was important.

She found a tree to tuck herself behind, peering out and waiting for the alien. Her eyes went skyward, looking for a spaceship to come crashing down and wondering how the Veil would cover it up. Would people just think it was a shooting star? Would they all look away in that moment?

Was anyone even awake except for her and the joggers to see it?

It wasn’t the sky that caught her eye, but the ground. A flash of fire erupted from it and a very large creature burst through the flames, looking like nothing that Thea had ever seen before. It faltered in the air, wobbling and trying to readjust its flight path before falling down onto the dirt.

It was sort of human, but more like something out of one of her novels. It was covered in dark scales, with large wings and a long, slender tail. The face was almost lizard-like, though the snout was much shorter and the eyes that looked wildly around were sky blue. Smoke leaked out from between clenched teeth, all sharp enough to rip a child like her to shreds if she came near it.

Thea was fascinated. She had never seen a dragon person before and she wondered if this was the alien. It was certainly not of this world and, while she was a little disappointed at the lack in space ship, bursting through the flames of hell was just as good for her. Plus, it was a dragon.